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Click HERE if you would like to visit some of the sites I have built.


What do you want your site to achieve?

Is it to promote your company's image, to provide information, or is to sell your services or products to a wider market?  If it is to sell your products or services, do you want to be able to accept credit cards over the Internet, or merely take orders and accept payment by either cheque or credit card over the phone.

Whichever of these you are trying to achieve, then a website can be designed to meet those requirements.


A family homepage?

Perhaps you are just looking to have a homepage for your family.  Many companies will give you free webspace so that you can have your own website, for example Tesco, Freeserve, etc.

If you would like me to help you design and load your page onto the Internet, then I will do that for you.


What will it cost?

To register your domain name eg myweb.co.uk, and host it, will cost from 60 per annum.  The cost of building your site depends on what you want, but would cost approximately 200 for a site with several pages.

 Promoting your site with the Major and UK Search Engines would cost 120 per annum, for two submissions per month.


Promoting your site

It is no good having a website unless you promote it. Including your web address on your letterhead or flyers is one way, but the audience is limited. To reach out to those who "surf" the web looking for products and services, it is necessary to register your site with the Search Engines, particularly the major search engines.

This promotion needs to be ongoing to ensure your site remains near the top of the listings.



Taking it further

If you are interested in taking your thoughts about your website further,
then do not hesitate to contact me, either by Email at David, or by
telephone on 07949 443579.  I look forward to being able to help you
put your ideas for your website into reality.